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Websites and Reservation software fr Hotels

Hotel Website Development

We offer professional,  mobile friendly, hotel website solutions to convert “lookers into bookers”. Hotel websites featuring captivating design, unlimited pictures, brand USP,  speed, calls to actions and search engine optimized contentAbove all option to offer promotions and exclusive benefits to book directly.

Hotel Internet Booking Engine

HReservations booking engine offers a “OTAs like” streamlined 3 steps reservation process. User friendly and informative,  HReservations Booking Engine helps potential guests to book direct with your hotel. 

Furthermore is connected to the main channel managers to be always up-to-date and show current prices, availability and special offers.

Websites and Reservation software fr Hotels

Geo and Local SEO

Geo-localization services are crucial to expand your SEO opportunities and increase your hotel brand awareness and presence in local search.
HReservations team will optimize  your hotel local listings to improve local ranking and SEO for your hotel name related searches.

Brand Strategy and Hotel Ads

Hotels searches online are complex and difficult for hotels to manage. HReservations marketing team will optimize your brand visibility for hotel name related searches. We will set up and manage tailor made PPC online marketing and Google Hotel Ads campaigns, to shift reservations from high-commission OTAs and hotel competitors bidding on your hotel brand name.

93 %

1107 of 1203

Unique Visitor

80 %

899 of 1203


-95 %

1180 of 1203

Bounce Rate

Mobile website for hotels

Mobile Optimization

An important slice od users still tends to complete reservations on desktop, while travel related searches mobile use keeps increasing. Mobile optimization for hotel websites, booking engine and hotel online marketing campaigns is very important to increase visibility, during the search phase and for last second direct bookings.


Having the entire reservation experience, hotel website, booking engine responsive and mobile optimized with appropriate call to actions, is fundamental to success and perform in both in SEO indexing and SEM campaigns.

Benefits Of Doing Hotel SEM Campaigns

Maximize your hotel brand presence online and in your hotel name related searches, will result in generating an increase in both direct and overall reservations and revenue.

SEM marketing campaigns will improve hotel online visibility and increase the amount of potential guests landing on your HReservations improved hotel website, instead of OTAs landing pages, offering your hotel and your competitors in the same page. This will result in a reduced “customers erosion” of potential guests booking hotel competitors after searching for your hotel name.

SEO for hotel websites

INCREASE VISITS AND CLICK THROUGH FOR YOUR HOTEL NAME SERPs Search Engines ranking increases direct bookings

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