ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION TO BOOST DIRECT RESERVATIONS Professional Hotel Website, Booking Engine, Google MyBusiness & Google Hotel Ads


01. Google MyBusiness + SEO Optimization


02. User friendly website to boost direct contacts


03. Booking Engine to convert visits in bookings


04. Google Hotel Ads + digital marketing

Poor direct reservations and exposure on Google

Increased direct bookings, contact and Google exposure!

Offer and final results

Thanks to increased exposure on search engines and better user friendly website and booking engine experience, you will boost direct reservations.

HReservations will reduce your commissions cost.

Contact us for a tailor made solution for your hotel.

28% in average of increase in visits and direct reservation.
No. 1 on your hotel name search queries.

Direct contacts average increase

28 %

Conversion rate average increase

22 %

Search engine exposure average increase

30 %

Bounce rate average decrease

12 %

START NOW! Make your Hotel Website and direct rates a stream of low cost direct reservations!

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