7 Reasons why your hotel needs a professional official website

why hotel professional website
A professional, user-friendly hotel official website, with a call to action wisely placed, is a key point of your hotel's online distribution.

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A professional, user-friendly hotel official website, with a call to action wisely placed, is a key point of your hotel’s online distribution.


If you want to get more details about the benefit to improve your hotel website, below you will find 7 reasons why your hotel needs a professional website.


1. Online Presence 24/7 and SEO optimized for hotel name related searches

reasons why your hotel needs a professional official website

Firstly having a hotel website easy to find online and on maps (SEO optimized for your hotel name searches) means that your clients can find you anywhere and anytime. Secondly it gives them access to key information, either from a desktop or mobile, thanks to the responsive version.
If your official hotel website is not professional and optimized, very likely all of your reservations will go through high commission OTA (online travel agencies like booking .com and Expedia). 


2. Highlight your hotel USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

You create your website and so you choose what aspects of your hotel you show! You can highlight your advantages, what makes you different from others. It can be your location, views from your hotel rooms, space for weddings, conference rooms or, whatever makes your hotel better.


3. Increase direct booking and sales.

A great website will give your clients the possibility to make easy reservations whenever and wherever they want. They can check room availability, prices, special offers and make secure booking payment. The website will help you increase your sales channels with not so much of a cost increase.


4. Online marketing tool

Today through the power of Google Analytics you have in your hands the ability to understand better your customer. Every time a client enters your website gives you the ability to turn them into valuable information. A great example is the direct booking that the client makes through your website. With no more than a few steps you can enter in Google Analytics and see the visitor location. Also, you can learn from where your visitor comes from, or even how long they stayed on your website. The power today is information, and customer insight is a lot of power in your hand to turn your business to great. All the data makes it easier for you to identify potential customers. In other words this can be a big help if you want to optimize your offers or experience on the hotel website.


5. Hotel Branding

Even if you are a small or a big hotel a Brand can make a difference. Today’s customers are more and more related to the identity of a business. A great logo or a captivating website can make a difference. A hotel website must be able to let a hotel guest sense the hotel’s character and great atmosphere. That’s why it requires one-of-a-kind images and content that will enable the site to reflect the values and character of the hotel.


6. Increase Credibility

Through your hotel website, you will aim to increase online bookings. A website with all the necessary information like address, phone number, and email wisely placed throughout the website, will increase your credibility. And of course, gives them a chance for reviews- everyone loves a good review!


7. Accessibility through various devices

A professional website for hotels is also a website that creates the best experience for customers. It gives them the possibility to navigate in your business not depending on what way they want to access. It doesn’t matter if they are on a phone or tablet or PC- your website knows no limits!


In Conclusion


In conclusion, a website puts you out in the big online world with immense possibilities for growth.



If you are looking for a new website or rebuilding the one you have, we are happy to help!

We are web design specialists and if you are ready to create a great website, contact us to start the journey! 

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