Your hotel website is your first introduction to most of your customers. For your guests, your hotel website should offer a preview of what to expect when choosing you. It’s where they will go take a look at your property, rooms and, your amenities. Learn about your offers and all the ways to contact you. But the question is how to offer your guests the best experience when visiting your website?Continue reading our list of top seven must-have features to put your hotel website in the spotlight!

1. Online Booking Engine

You need to make sure that potential guests have a simple, user-friendly way to book a room online. Offer your visitors the facility to make online bookings with an easy-to-access single-click button that redirects the visitor to the booking page. Better yet, make a visible “Book now” button that will stick to every page to encourage your guests to make a booking.                                             

2. Responsive Website Design

No matter where your guests are visiting your website, whether it’s their laptop, smartphone, or tablet, they should be able to get the full experience. Your hotel website with a responsive design will fit in the best format based on the screen size or device being used. No limitation to any of the features. This trick will make you rank higher in online searches too!

3. Location Pins & Directions

Use Maps on your hotel website so your visitors can easily locate you. This will come in handy as driving directions to your hotel but not only. It will allow your visitors to explore the surroundings, get insights into the local transportation network. They will get familiar with the location and plan things ahead of their visit.

4. Image galleries and high-resolution photos

Your website needs to showcase all that you have to offer. You need to invest in a website design that allows you to display high-resolution photographs without slowing down your site speed. Put up photos of the building, rooms, lobby, restaurant, garden – every corner matters. Your guest will love it. After all, seeing is believing.

5. Hotel Amenities

Highlight all the extras your hotel has to offer. Wedding venue, conference room, swimming pool, SPA – you name it. If your hotel has more to offer than rooms to book, your hotel website should show it.

6. Guest reviews

Most of the potential customers will look for your client feedback. So why not make it easy for them? Include genuine reviews and testimonials of your clients. Don’t be afraid to include some criticism as well. Reply to reviews to make guests feel heard.

7. Easy contact and Social Media

Let your guests know where they can contact you be it a contact form, e-mail, phone number, or social media. Anything that will encourage your guests to reach out to you for more information. If you’re considering a new website for your hotel and want to convert lookers to bookers, then it’s time to request a meeting with our outstanding team specialized in website design